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SA Wealth Group Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the new financial year, I'm sure all of you are in the process of getting your tax returns completed and hopefully are awaiting a tax refund. We recommend that you seek financial advice on your tax planning matters from a licensed (tax) financial adviser and tax agent prior to the cutoffs for lodging your tax returns. Everyone's circumstance is different and there are several strategies utilised in each persons scenario to ensure we can extract as much value as possible.


We have added in some useful articles that speak about how the market travelled for the month of July, tax strategies during this time, how to pay off your mortgage quicker, starting the investment journey late and how to keep anxiety levels down during this time.


We have Kosta Dimopoulos, our registered tax agent inhouse whom can assist with all your tax returns for PAYG clients and also BAS and Accounting/Financials as well as structures and entities to be established. Additionally Paul and Nik are licensed (tax) financial advisers to assist with the forward planning and ensure this is included in your current financial plan, if not already in place.


Lastly, we remind everyone that markets are still volatile even with more businesses reopening in Australia on a progressive basis. We expect as more economic news is announced and released this will cause the markets to react accordingly. You have been positioned in your investment and retirement portfolios based on your goals and objectives and as such in most cases are long term investors not requiring all of your capital within 6-12 months' time. Hence, if you have had a change in your circumstances or investor profile and investor tolerance to volatility please contact the office to discuss with your adviser. 


For now please be safe and we wish you well until next time!



SA Wealth Group Team